To be a New Born photographer – you have to be an artist


To be a New Born photographer - you have to be an artist


Photography - What does the word "photography" means to me?

Recreate, convey a message, memories, history. For me, photography is first of all memory, family photographs, women, children, babies, are a moment frozen in time especially for us. It is a memory that we can look at in order to recall our past, something we experienced or used to be.

We all have old family albums, black and white pictures of grandparents. Pictures of parents, pictures of ourselves.

In today modern times, transforming a memory into an images is easy. The camera is in our hands 24/7, and our best friend - the mobile phone.

But, although we all have super easy access to photography, people increasingly appreciate good photography, professional photography, a photo that lasts a lifetime.

I want to talk about New Born photography, the first professional photography session. The first photo of a new born baby is always taken in a hurry, still in the hospital and right after the birth with our mobile phone. We are so quick to document every moment that we immediately pull out the phone and take pictures.

Don't get me wrong, the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with the first child does not skip the children who follow him. Although the primacy of the first child is different, the feeling that fills us is the same.

Our first days with the baby, the adaptation and the mess fuss of the organization to the new addition in the family, this is a fun and complex times, which we tend to forget fast.

Lack of sleep, breastfeeding or bottles, our healing from the experience makes us put aside the experience surrounding the event during this time. It is here that I believe that the documentation is necessary, in this stressful times, you can find a small, calm moment of quiet and gratitude for the gift we were given.


And now, you have a new and charming baby, and you would like to document his first moments with professional photography...

You think about the next stage; what is a better choice? To go to a professional studio or let the studio come to your home to take photos? What will be the set? What beautiful poses, interesting compositions and accessories can be used in the picture? The most important thing is get a sharp and high-quality pictures, ones that are clear enough to save, print and enlarge.

For me, New Born photography is a very deep experience, it is important for me to express the "artist" in me.

Each photographer decides for himself how and what to photograph. Whether to stick to the mainstream or to innovate and break the conventional rules.

So, what should we choose? who to go to? The answer depends on - what do you really want to get from this experience?

New Born photography for me is an art and that's why I chose this field. Besides the artistic creativity, I see New Born photography as a kind of game, a game of colors, light, ideas and fantasies that I can put on my set. When the baby sleeps, I can arrange, caress, wrap, and cradle into positions that I want to shoot. When he/she is awake I can calm them down and try to get them to sleep.

As part of the photography process I take a palette of colors; Strong, quiet or pastels, some warmer and some even strong and loud, to me it is important to aim for emotion, for love. The goal is to convey a message through colors, through accessories, to convey depth and thought.

I love colors very much, in my eyes colors are a kind of language. I use them to create a dialogue in pictures and to tell the different fantasies we want to achieve through photography.

Every set for me is a masterpiece, it is an art expressed not only in the positions of the baby but also in all the set parts, whether it's accessory, lighting, object, shooting angle and more…

I always make the colors and combinations choices with the parents, the feelings of the parents and the message in pictures very important and different in each family. Therefore, cooperation with parents is very relevant. Once the parents give me guidelines I begin the work with the colors and the combinations.

There are so many options; once it's purple, once turquoise, it can be burgundy, white, gray or pink. There are a variety of colors that fit both boys and girls, it is important to experiment and not be afraid to get out of the fixation. You can create interesting color combinations that fit both sexes and it is always nice to surprise. Do not forget that the color in the picture can tell a complete story, it can complement the baby's skin tones, but it should also integrate with the family character. Therefore, some families prefer lighter colors, and some prefer darker and more prominent colors.

One of the most important elements in such photography is to create a clear connection between the composition and the color, and here you can trust me.

So, beyond the creativity of photography, the most important thing in New Born photography experience is to convey a message, to preserve a moment, to make a pleasant souvenir and a fun experience for the family.

I'm here for you, to fulfill these little fantasies in magical New Born photography sessions, full of color and love.


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